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Edison Establishes Advisory Board

With a solid track record in the electricity industry, Edison is now looking to establish an Advisory Board to steer the business and 40 FTEs into a new phase of growth and development.  The executive shareholders are seeking two non-executive directors, a chair and board member, to provide support and strategic direction to the business.

Headquartered in Tauranga, with offices in Hamilton, Auckland and Wellington, Edison has maintained strong growth since it was established in 1995.  The appointment of an advisory board is an important move for the business with all managerial and strategic functions currently being covered by the executive shareholders.

“This is really the next stage of our evolution as a business,” explains managing director, Michael Nicholson.  “We’ve got to a size now where a higher level, strategic planning team will allow us to grow further.”

With a clear mandate to help set a solid strategy and oversee its execution, support the principals in separating their shareholder/governance/project management responsibilities, evolve the company culture as well as secure the longer-term succession strategies, the new advisory board is anticipated to start in March 2018.

 “We’re looking for sustainable growth,” continues Michael Nicholson.  “Some of the opportunities we are considering include building on our strong reputation and customer base, offering a wider portfolio of services as well as possibly moving into other sectors.”

Both non-executive directors are expected to have knowledge of technical services industries; a proven ability to formulate strategy and oversee its execution; experience in building a privately-owned business including bringing about succession; a track record for creating strong company cultures and employee engagement; experience growing a strong business brand; and an ability to advise on internal and external communications.

Personal traits of the successful board members will need to match the organisation’s values of integrity, respect, professionalism, safety, invest in people and value to clients.

For further information on the advisory board roles and a copy of the position brief please apply through https://www.appointbetterboards.co.nz/ or email Simon Telfer at simon@stimulusnz.com.  


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