Edison Consulting Ready To Embrace A New Era

15 February 2021: Edison Consulting Group, a highly valued partner in New Zealand’s energy sector, is looking to the future by implementing a new governance structure and recruiting a Chief Executive (CE) to prepare for growth and the transformation of the electricity industry.

The New Zealand owned company was founded by its General Manager Michael Nicholson 25 years ago alongside Colin Boggiss and Darryl Yorke as shareholders who built the company to its current position. Edison offers specialised design, project management and professional services to a wide range of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution clients nationwide.

A new board of directors will be appointed this month to strengthen the company’s governance, strategic direction and sustainability going forward, with Nicholson moving into a new role to focus on future growth. A new position of Chief Executive will be advertised shortly.

“Through our strategic planning we can clearly see that our industry is going to undergo quite a change between now and 2030,” Nicholson explains.

“Climate change will affect our energy sources and use with more electrification and greenhouse gas protocols. Artificial intelligence and automation will also play a big role. We can see change coming to the electricity supply industry and our new board of directors and CE will help us proactively meet those challenges. I will be freed up from the day-to-day running of the business to focus on what this new world order will look like, and how Edison can best support our clients in the decades to come.”

An Advisory Board with independent members has spent almost three years analysing Edison’s corporate position and considering how best to support their strategic growth and resilience. Advisory Board Chairman Craig Hattle is one of four directors who will now be appointed to Edison’s new board along with Nicholson, Dr Bronwyn Smits and Colin Boggiss.

Hattle has applauded Edison’s shareholders for asking tough questions of the business and having the courage to hand decision-making over to the new board. “It can be hard to challenge deeply-held company thinking when it has served the company so well for so long,” he says.

“An appointed board of directors is a subtle but very profound shift. There is a point in a company’s evolution when it comes of age, and it needs to adopt governance best practice, independence on the board, and separation of duties.”

“Edison is a Kiwi success story and Mike, and his fellow shareholders Colin and Darryl are quite visionary. They’ve recognised the electricity sector is about to undergo some pretty radical changes and we need to have the right skills in place to ensure Edison remains a highly professional outfit who can be relied upon to support the wider industry.”

Hattle says there’s a strong desire within the company to contribute towards a better future.

“Our focus is not just about making money in the engineering sector. Yes, we need good engineers and technical solutions. But at its heart, this company is successful because we employ good people. Those good people are going to serve New Zealand Inc in a profound way in the coming years and that’s what excites me about being invited to stay on and chair the new board.”

A nationwide recruitment campaign will begin shortly to find a new CE who will report directly to the board. Nicholson will remain in his current role as General Manager until a new appointment is made to ensure continuity and will continue to offer ongoing support as required.

“One of the key strengths of our business is our good people and whilst we prepare for the future we need to protect and enhance a great company culture, so we will take the time to ensure we get the right fit going forward.” says Nicholson.

For more information or images please contact:

Michael Nicholson | Edison General Manager

M: 021 524 636

E: Michael.Nicholson@edison.co.nz

Craig Hattle | Independent Edison Board Chair

M: 022 096 3071

E: craig.hattle@edison.co.nz

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