Edison’s business operations are certified Zero Carbon

Edison is proud to be certified Zero Carbon Business Operations with Ekos. Our team have worked hard in 2021 to understand and measure our emissions profile and secure certified credits to offset our carbon footprint.

We are proud to have secured credits that directly support the growth and protection of permanent native forests in New Zealand. Our carbon offsets contribute to two South Island projects – the Rarakau Rainforest carbon project in Southland and the Hopai Bay Regeneration carbon project in the Marlborough Sounds. These projects build climate resilience, protect waterways and control erosion, conserve biodiversity and support community economic development.

Our journey to reduce our emissions has just begun. We are proactively working on a range of initiatives to reduce emission sources from our business operations and manage our environmental responsibilities systematically. Our goal is to achieve ISO14001 certification in 2022 to build on our commitment to sustainability and the environment.

Special thanks to Cory Dixon and Matt Clarke for taking the lead on our sustainability journey.