Staging detailed design helps slash project timeframe for PowerNet

As businesses in the primary industry work to reduce their carbon footprint, the demand for renewable energy sources to fuel operations is growing. Our design team were engaged by PowerNet to create the detailed design for a new substation in Southland to power the new electric boiler at Open Country’s dairy factory.

Working to incredibly tight time frames, our engineering design team delivered the detailed design in stages to compress the construction programme. Working closely with PowerNet and Decom, the project is on target to be complete for the start of the next dairy season. A project of this scale can take up to three years from planning to commissioning. With flexibility and solid teamwork we are on track to complete the project in less than a year.

The design incorporated a 15 MVA transformer that was procured and recently delivered to site despite the impacts Covid-19 had on construction and delivery. The project is now in its final stages with commissioning to be completed at the end of July 2020.