Compliance Auditing

Service Overview:

Edison is a professional consulting organisation providing a unique perspective on compliance auditing to the New Zealand energy sector.

Asset owners in the energy sector are reliant on the information and processes provided by their service providers.

Compliance auditing can conjure up all manner of ills therefore Edison has adopted an approach that fits more with an “alliance” audit.

Our method is designed to implement processes which foster an environment of continuous improvement. Key to the successful implementation of such processes is full transparency which allows clear communication of the audit objectives.

Industry Experience:

When carrying out an audit there is no substitute for experience. The Edison team have come from generation, distribution, transmission and contracting backgrounds.

Our Auditors understand the electrical industry environment, giving them knowledge of what does and doesn’t work in different situations. It enables a connection with the people involved allowing the establishment of a good rapport with your workforce.

By engaging the people being audited in the process and providing constructive feedback to them, Edison customers have benefited from a faster track to improvement and compliance.

Edison is experienced in all aspects of auditing including the following:

  • Completed Work Inspections
  • Work In Progress Audits
  • Health & Safety Audits
  • Quality Management System Audits
  • Data Capture & Record Keeping
  • Project & Resource Management
  • Asset Inspections
  • Development of Continuous Improvement Programs
  • Contract Compliance Auditing
  • Competency Assessment

Service Summary:

By engaging Edison as an independent auditor you will gain an impartial view of current practices within your organisation and benefit from the authenticity of our findings and credibility of our recommendations.


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