Leading Edge Mobile Substation

Leading Edge Mobile Substation Leading Edge Mobile Substation

Project Overview:

Three years from conception to delivery, Transpower's new mobile substation became operational at Murchison in November 2013. Edison Consulting Group is proud to be part of this leading edge project.

Having identified the need to minimise disruption to mainly rural communities by keeping them connected and supplied while undertaking project and maintenance work on smaller 110kV sites, Transpower set about building a completely mobile substation. The largest in New Zealand weighing 70 tonnes, the substation can be carried on two 17m trailers and easily transported around the country to where it is needed, when it is needed.

Edison Delivery:

Edison’s role on this project was to manage the initial livening and commissioning of the mobile substation.

The connection of the mobile substation to the Inangahua – Kikiwa 66kV transmission circuit at Murchison required a complicated number of stages that involved significant planning. Edison was involved with this initial planning along with developing and reviewing risk mitigation plans and livening procedures.

Edison also provided on site expertise to witness and review all precommissioning testing associated with the mobile substation. In addition Edison supplied on site engineering and technical support during the various livening sequences.

This was a complex and challenging project involving a great deal of coordination with many different parties. Edison provided valuable technical support in the risk mitigation, testing and commissioning phases of this project and played a key part in this final phase of the mobile substation project.

Graeme Winthrop, Project Manager – Grid Projects

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