Noise Measurement

Service Overview:

Edison’s inhouse environmental capabilities include noise measurement services through the use of a fully calibrated Class 1 sound level meter.

Our comprehensive noise measurement and monitoring service is an essential element in the environmental planning, consenting and compliance arena. In conjunction with this we are able to interpret the results and compare and report against the requirements of the relevant district plan.

Edison can provide the required sound reporting, relative to LAmin, LAeq and LAmax measurements, in accordance with the requirements of NZ6801 and NZS6802.

The versatility and portability of Edison’s team and equipment allows us to support customers’ needs with a sound measurement time history analysis for any site in any location and at any time of the day.

The Edison acoustic measurement service can be utilised to establish existing noise environments either as part of an ongoing monitoring strategy or prior to project works (i.e. establishing the environmental baseline).

Tailoring the service to provide both before and after measurements we can verify compliance of newly commissioned plant and equipment.

Conversely, should a new project attract complaints over noise effects from adjacent land owners, having the capability to measure accurately and to refute such complaints will provide both asset owners and regulators confidence that permitted noise levels have not been breached.

Industry Experience:

If you are considering a project that is likely to change the sound profile of a site we recommend gathering a comprehensive footprint of the existing noise characteristics before carrying out the site works. This can then be used to compare against at the conclusion of the project.

Service Summary:

Edison provides a precision noise monitoring service backed by industry experts to ensure environmental compliance.



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