Project Consenting

Service Overview:

Consenting is a highly detailed and varied process representing a critical component in most projects.  Typically consenting consists of three distinct yet interrelated phases:

  • Pre-consenting - involves undertaking preliminary site assessments.  This phase also includes identifying and engaging with key stakeholders and/or affected parties (i.e. regulators, land owners, Iwi) to gain support for any given project.
  • Consenting - involves compiling a clear, concise and timely resource consent application and assessment of environmental effects. Preparation of a Notice of Requirement or outline plan in the case of a designation is supplemented by technical specialist reporting i.e. ecological, geotechnical and landscape assessments.  This phase also includes managing the application as it proceeds through the assessment process as well as ensuring any subsequent approval contains satisfactory consent conditions.
  • Post-consenting - involves ensuring the consent holder adheres to all consent conditions.  This is achieved by making sure that all required management plans have been prepared and approved by council. Plus providing a report to council regarding the consent’s overall compliance.  Changing conditions of a consent to reflect operational changes can also be made during this phase.

Industry Experience:

Edison provides an expert service to closely manage the consenting process. We proactively work to ensure a project's journey through each phase happens as efficiently as possible. 

Edison is able to support clients with resource consent hearings and staff qualified to act as an expert witness.

Key tasks within our consents service include:

  • Environmental and planning assessments
  • Preparation of outline plans
  • Applying for and obtaining resource consents
  • Preparing and/or managing Notices of Requirements
  • Monitoring erosion and sediment controls on work sites
  • Consent compliance reporting
  • Preparing submissions on behalf of the client for new and proposed policy changes
  • Third party consultation
  • Project advocacy, public relations and stakeholder engagement

Service Summary:

With comprehensive inhouse consent capabilities Edison can provide a specialised, effective and considered approach to consenting your projects.


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