Plan Monitoring Service

Service Overview:

Edison provides a subscription based  comprehensive district and regional plan monitoring service. Our regulatory plan monitoring service will:

  • Monitor plan changes
  • Protect your interests with timely submissions
  • Monitor notified resource consent applications
  • Keep track of environmental issues affecting the electricity supply industry

Possible plan changes that may impact your assets include:

Private Plan Change

A large block rural land owner lodges an application to rezone a portion of their land to rural residential.  Such a change in land use may increase electrical load forcing the local network company to undertake upgrades that have not been planned for.

Definition Changes

Aggregate commonly used in the construction of substations is proposed to be re-classified from ‘clean fill’ to ‘fill’ imposing enhanced consenting requirements and costs.


A district council proposes to impose volume restrictions to permitted activity earthworks. This restriction could create a ‘double-dipping’ of land disturbance consent as earthworks are simultaneously regulated by the Regional Council.


A proposed distribution line is required to cross land defined in the District Plan as ‘of National Ecological Significance’.  A district plan is not the vehicle to identify areas of national significance and this term should be removed from local planning documents during the plan review process.


Biodiversity offsets are proposed to be included in a district or regional plan as a method to ‘avoid, remedy or mitigate’ the adverse effects of a proposed development. Network operators can make representations, as the RMA is not a ‘no effects’ statute. Offsetting should be applied as part of development mitigation, not in addition to the mitigation.

Reverse Sensitivity

Residential development has been permitted to ‘creep’ into an audible distance from an established substation resulting in issues of ‘reverse sensitivity’. Local regulators can pressure the network utility operator to undertake retrospective acoustic bunding.

Industry Experience:

By subscribing to the plan monitoring service, clients receive timely notifications of proposed plan changes that adversely affect their organisation’s operation.

This notification contains a brief and concise commentary referencing timeframes of the proposed plan change, as well as a reasoned recommendation on your organisation’s response.

Service Summary:

Gain peace of mind by subscribing to Edison’s Plan Monitoring Service to proactively protect your interests.


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