Earthquake Prone Buildings

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Project Overview:

Owners and operators of electrical generation, transmission and distribution assets have become increasingly aware of the ‘at risk’ environment we live in due to seismic activity. Post the 2011 Canterbury seismic events the mitigation of seismic risk has become increasingly urgent.

Many organisations have or are in the process of developing internal policies in preparedness, focussing on the protection of critical electrical infrastructure.

The 2004 Building Act mandates the identification and remediation process for buildings (including substation buildings) that are deemed Earthquake Prone Buildings (EPB) and provides direction towards the following:

  • All buildings of a certain age and location should be assessed to determine if they are an EPB
  • An EPB is classified as having less than 33% seismic resilience of the current new building standards (Note: buildings with less than 33% strength of a new building are considered to have 10x the risk of serious damage or collapse)
  • All EPBs within a local authorities’ jurisdiction are to be identified on an appropriate register
  • Owners of EPBs are obliged to strengthen the building within a set time period (in the case of electrical asset buildings a 10 year period is specified)

Edison Delivery:

Edison’s team of project managers and consent specialists provide a pragmatic solution to your seismic resilience projects. Edison’s key capabilities include:

  • Identification of statutory requirements pursuant to the RMA and 2004 Building Act
  • The removal of EPBs from local authority registers
  • Applications for building consent exemptions on behalf of the asset owner.
  • Management of resilience works and programs for asset owners
  • Preparation of ‘Global’ resource consent applications

Avoid procedural delays, address consenting concerns and develop strategic solutions for your Earthquake Prone Buildings by engaging our consent specialist and project management team.




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