Work at Edison

What makes Edison a great place to work?

Building a team of Good People is very important to us.  Here's a quick list of attributes which we believe are evident in our team of Good People here at Edison:

Attribute Description
Dynamic You will be working with a range of different people on multiple projects at any one time.
Friendly While we are all hard-working people, our office environment is casual and inclusive.
Autonomy We entrust people with a high degree of autonomy.  You are expected to be capable of assessing all options and making decisions for yourself.
Non-corporate Our business is large enough to offer security, yet small enough to still be flexible and relatively informal.
Challenging As consultants, it is our job to find a smooth path through any difficulties that may arise during any given project.
Rewarding Each person has full ownership for their projects.  We have a high level of job satisfaction at Edison.



good people, great results