Work at Edison

What makes Edison a great place to work?

Building a team of Good People is very important to us all at Edison.  To do this effectively we believe you need to have as much information as possible about who we are and how we operate so that you can make a well-informed decision before sending us your application here.

So here's a quick snapshot of why we think Edison is such a great place to work...

Attribute Description
Dynamic You will be working with a range of different people on multiple projects at any one time.
Friendly While we are all hard-working people, our office environment is casual and inclusive.
Autonomy We entrust people with a high degree of autonomy.  You are expected to be capable of assessing all options and making decisions for yourself.
Non-corporate Our business is large enough to offer security, yet small enough to still be flexible and relatively informal.
Challenging As consultants, it is our job to find a smooth path through any difficulties that may arise during any given project.
Rewarding Each person has full ownership for their projects.  We have a high level of job satisfaction at Edison.



good people, great results