Our People

While we think we are all pretty good people around here, are we your sort of people too?

The type of people you are working alongside can significantly impact your working environment and the enjoyment you can get from your working day.  There is certainly a level of comraderie and respect that we enjoy here at Edison.

As we've said before, building a team of Good People is very important to us all at Edison.  

So here's a quick snapshot of the main character attributes that you will find in the good people at Edison...

Attribute Description
Autonomous Edison people are comfortable working independently.
Integrity Edison people are honest, reliable and conscientious.
Initiative Edison people are self-motivating and capable of making appropriate decisions.
Intelligence Edison people have common-sense and know how to make sensible decisions.
Down-to-earth Edison people have a good "kiwi" attitude.  We know how to get along with others to get the job done.
Driven Edison people work to their Personal Best (PB).
Flexible Edison people enjoy variety and accept all challenges head-on.



good people, great results