Incident Investigation

Service Overview:

Edison is a professional consulting company skilled in delivering independent incident investigation services to the New Zealand energy sector.

Unfortunately incidents do happen in the power industry and when they do electricity generators, distributors, transmission and contracting companies need to act quickly to ensure they don’t happen again.

Engaging an independent agency with the depth of experience that Edison brings adds authenticity to the findings and credibility to any recommended course of action.

Industry Experience:

We have specialists who are qualified Lead Investigators and Health and Safety Auditors because we know that when examining an incident there is no substitute for experience. Our trained team of investigators has come from generation, distribution, transmission and contracting backgrounds with more than 20 years of industry experience.

We understand that incidents by their very nature can become clouded and emotive; Edison has a proven and pragmatic approach that ensures correct disciplines are applied to every investigation we conduct. Our process is transparent and the findings factual.

When planning and conducting a review, we identify the legal requirements and focus on the human factors and lessons learned. As a nonpartisan service provider Edison offers clients an impartial view, giving findings more validity when reported to regulatory bodies and customers.

Service Summary:

Engage an industry specialist to identify the root cause of an incident and eliminate reoccurrences with sound practical advice backed by experience.


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