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1 June 2011


Welcome to our first online newsletter which is just one of the many exciting new communication tools to come out of the development of our new website.  We'll be giving you an ocassional update here, from time-to-time, and you can also check out for the latest, news case studies and comments on our industry..

New Website at Last!

It's been a long time in the pipeline but we are pleased to now be letting everyone know about our fantastic website and online communication system.

If you haven't visited our website before today then you may not appreciate the huge changes we've made, and the new technology sitting behind this website, allowing us to provide better information more clearly to our clients, industry partners and other interested people.

This is a huge leap forward for our business, as we've previously been involved in some outstanding projects but have never found the right way to let everyone else know what we're doing - take a minute to view a few of our Case Studies here.

If you would like to join us on this journey of information sharing and knowledge building then simply sign up to receive our occasional News Updates here.

Edison Christchurch Finds a New Home

Unfortunately the newly established Edison Christchurch office was among the casualties of the February quakes with the building subsequently being cordonned off in the Red Zone, awaiting further inspection by the recovery and engineering teams.

Kelvin Head has done a fantastic job in ensuring there was no disruption for our south island clients during this terrible time.  Keeping the projects moving, the communication channels open and maintaining an air of business as usual despite the chaos happening outside his front door.

"Like most people we were affected in some way by the Christchurch earthquake," explains Edison managing director, Michael Nicholson.  "The main thing is that our people in Christchurch are safe and well.  Compared with most, we didn't lose much."

Since discovering that returning to the previous office premises is no longer possible, Edison have been on the search for another suitable office space that meets their requirements.

We are pleased to announce our new Christchurch Office contact details are as follows: 89 Nazareth Avenue, Middleton, Christchurch.  Ph. (03) 338-8230.

Last Minute Extras...

  • Please note the new phone and fax numbers for our Tauranga Office: Phone (07) 577-0730, Fax. (07) 577-0733.
  • We look forward to seeing you at the EEA Conference again this year!
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