Supply Upgrade for Inghams Substation

Client Name: PowerCo

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Project Overview:

One of PowerCo’s long-standing customers, Inghams Enterprises (NZ) Pty Limited, communicated their need for increased power supply capacity in order to meet their future growth plans.  

The Ingham’s site was established in relatively close proximity to an existing 33kV overhead line.  

Therefore, PowerCo was able to effectively meet Inghams future supply requirements by converting the existing 11kV switchboard to a new 33/11kV substation.

Edison Delivery:

PowerCo, Inghams and Edison worked together to coordinate the final design and orientation of the new substation.  

As with any existing supply and live factory operation, minimising outages and reducing the disruption caused throughout the project works was a critical part of the planning and project management process. 

The project was broken down into four separate areas which were put out to competitive tender, covering:

  • Detailed Design
  • 11kV Switchboard Supply
  • Civil Installation
  • Electrical Installation  

Edison’s role was to monitor, manage and coordinate all aspects of the on-site works to help keep the project running as smoothly as possible. 

The three organisations worked to establish a well-coordinated approach to facilitate the changeover of supply with minimal disruption.

Client Feedback:

“Edison played a key Project Management role coordinating the Design, Civil, and Electrical construction as well as keeping the customer informed with the changeover from existing to new supplies when this was required from the start to project completion."

Keith Forlong, External Works Manager PowerCo



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