Substation Design

Service Overview:

Design is a highly detailed process and we know timely accurate and practical designs are critical to the success of any project.

Our design team have spent time in the field, they have constructed and maintained substation equipment and add a practical and experienced view to all their designs.

Early engagement with project stakeholders and a collaborative approach to defining the design scope are cornerstone to Edison’s approach. At the preliminary and conceptual design phase we leave no stone unturned to ensure there are no surprises that could jeopardise the project’s success.

Edison’s design team are able to provide solutions for every aspect of substation design including:

  • Civil and structural
  • Primary electrical plant
  • Secondary equipment
  • Protection
  • Communication
  • Auxiliary services

Industry Experience:

The Edison design team have been providing practical solution to both green and brown field projects and gained a reputation for dependability.

Edison has been involved with the successful design of:

  • Transformer replacement upgrades
  • Indoor 11kV and 33kV switchboards
  • Outdoor 11kV and 33kV bus upgrades
  • Protection upgrades
  • Switchroom buildings
  • New substations
  • Circuit breaker replacements
  • Power cable upgrades

Service Summary:

The Edison design team has done their time in the field and they provide timely, accurate and practical design solutions.


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