Overhead Line Design

Service Overview:

Overhead line is a specialised skill requiring practical solutions that are both robust and cost effective.

The Edison design team have been involved with overhead line design and construction for years. They know what works in the field and what is required by field staff to be effective in the installation process.

Early engagement with stakeholders and a collaborative approach to defying the scope are cornerstone to Edison approach to line design.

The Edison team are able to conduct critical assessment of your overhead lines and tailor replacement designs as required.

Whether it’s a single pole or an entire line Edison provides an accurate and timely line service.

Industry Experience:

The Edison design team have provided 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and 110kV pole line designs for our clients. The team are able work with whichever leading software package best suits your needs whether it is PLS CAD, Poles n Wires, Catan or PowerLine Pro.

Service Summary:

The Edison line design team have been designing, building and maintaining overhead lines for years and provide a timely, accurate and practical design solution.


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