CAD Drafting and Drawing Management

Service Overview:

Edison provides companies operating in New Zealand’s energy sector with a comprehensive CAD drafting and drawing management service.

Infrastructure companies place a great deal of importance on the quality of their reference material. Regular, timely and diligent maintenance of technical drawings is crucial for the efficient operation and maintenance of a complex mix of generation, transmission and distribution assets.

To operate effectively these assets need to be documented in detailed drawings, updated and altered as company infrastructure changes and version and quality controlled so consistent information is available across the organisation.

Industry Experience:

Whether simply “As Building” amended drawings or providing a full drawing management service Edison is committed to achieving agreed service levels and fast turnaround times.

Energy companies can be frustrated by the lack of attention paid to As Built information at the conclusion of projects. The team at Edison provides a solution to this problem. Just send us your marked up prints and we will take care of the rest.

Edison's investment in Elecdes CAD design suite benefits our clients by providing quicker, accurate designs and improving the quality of field data for installation contractors. The Electdes software works alongside AutoCAD providing a one stop shop in terms of drawing document management.

Edison has a range of drawing tools that allow us to work with multiple drawing file formats.

Our design team work with both local and international electrical drawing standards and are able to apply experienced resources to your drawing needs. We have comprehensive object libraries, enabling us to turn around drawings quickly whilst maintaining a high quality standard.

The industry as a whole has a range of operational drawings that are critical to day to day operations. Incorrect and out of date operational drawings pose a risk to equipment and people. These are the drawings that Edison targets first with guaranteed service levels.

Version control and change management processes are critical to the successful management of drawings. Edison has documented procedures and policies that ensure your drawings are well managed whilst under our control.

By placing the regular maintenance and distribution of drawings with a consultancy equipped with dedicated technical drawing resources and solid practices energy companies can gain efficiencies.

Service Summary:

We know that a fast and proficient drawings maintenance service is essential to the daily operation of energy companies.


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