Timely, accurate and practical designs are the cornerstone of our highly dependable design service. Edison’s design team compromises not only bright engineers but also engineers who have done their time in the field. They have built, operated and maintained the equipment they are now designing.

This unique approach is a service differentiator allowing Edison to design practical, constructible designs that work.

CAD Drafting and Drawing Management

Edison provides companies operating in New Zealand’s energy sector with a comprehensive CAD drafting and drawing management service. Infrastructure companies place a great deal of importance on the quality of their reference material. Regular, timely and diligent maintenance of technical...

Overhead Line Design

Overhead line is a specialised skill requiring practical solutions that are both robust and cost effective. The Edison design team have been involved with overhead line design and construction for years. They know what works in the field and what is required by field staff to be effective in the...

Substation Design

Design is a highly detailed process and we know timely accurate and practical designs are critical to the success of any project. Our design team have spent time in the field, they have constructed and maintained substation equipment and add a practical and experienced view to all their...

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