Consent Compliance

Service Overview:

As part of our inhouse consenting capability, we provide a service to independently monitor consent compliance for new and existing sites on behalf of our clients.

Consent holders, or operators, are legally obliged (under the Resource Management Act) to monitor their resource consents to ensure full compliance with the associated consent conditions.  Conditions of consent will have been developed by councils to make sure that any actual or potential adverse environmental effects of an activity are appropriately avoided, remedied or mitigated.

Failing to adequately satisfy all conditions of a consent can result in council taking enforcement action whereby financial and time penalties may be imposed upon the project.

Industry Experience:

Edison’s qualified staff offer on-going resource consent management and monitoring services.  This service provides an integral component of any given project as it ensures that all environmental obligations are being met once resource consent has been obtained. Providing such a service gives assurance that the project can advance throughout the construction and operational stages without the risk of non-compliance. 

Key competencies within our consent monitoring service include:

  • Reviewing consent conditions
  • Preparing applications to vary or cancel redundant or inappropriate consent conditions
  • Undertaking on-site consent auditing
  • Advising consent holders of the most pragmatic means to implement conditions of consent
  • Negotiating with Council compliance monitoring officers in the event of enforcement action
  • Monitoring erosion and sediment controls on work sites
  • Reporting on consent compliance
  • Preparing submissions on behalf of the client for new and proposed policy changes
  • Consulting with third parties

Service Summary:

Edison is familiar with both the RMA and the operations of the electricity industry in New Zealand to provide specialist resort consent advice ensuring compliance.


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