Commission Engineers

Service Overview:

As part of our inhouse project management capability, we provide a service to independently witness and monitor the commissioning of equipment at new and existing sites on behalf of our clients.

The testing and commissioning of new transmission line, distribution line and substation is a key component to the successful completion of a project.  This includes ensuring that the equipment is ready for service and the installation meets both client and manufacturer requirements.

Industry Experience:

Edison Consulting Group employs staff qualified to provide commissioning engineering and site representation.  The persons that fill this role have significant industry experience and have often been involved previously in a technical role on projects and therefore have first-hand experience of the needs and requirements around testing and commissioning of new primary and secondary equipment.

Edisons Commissioning Engineers however provide more that witnessing testing and ensuring equipment is ready for service.  Often the role of commissioning engineer requires coordination and facilitation. 

Coordination and Facilitation is often required at an early stage of the project to ensure that clear communication and plans are in place.  This is particularly important where multiple parties are impacted or where the commissioning process is complex.  


Edison are able to aid in clarifying the roles and responsibilities required through a commissioning period ensuring that coordination of all parties during the commissioning period is effectively managed.

Key competencies within our Commissioning Engineer service include:

  • Providing people with significant experience and expertise to undertake the role of Commissioning Engineer.
  • Identification of key parties and managing coordination with those parties.
  • Identification of mandatory commissioning tests and procedures that are required.This includes ensuring that pass / fail criteria are clear and test documentation clearly reflects these requirements.
  • Ensuring that workable and effective commissioning plans and processes are agreed and in place.
  • Ensuring that testing and commissioning of plant and equipment meets the clients and manufacturers requirements.  This includes primary plant as well as secondary systems such as protection / control / indication systems.
  • Consulting with third parties during the testing and commissioning process ensuring that all parties are kept up to date and aware of status of commissioning.

Service Summary:

Edison can provide qualified and industry experienced engineers who will ensure effective communication, planning and management of the commissioning phases of your project.


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