Project Management

Service Overview:

Edison is a professional consultancy delivering high calibre project management services across all aspects of the energy industry. Our capabilities include generation, transmission, distribution, health and safety, and contracting.

Industry Experience:

Energy sector projects have complex requirements specific to the industry needing the input of experienced project managers. With a team drawn from within the industry we have significant technical project management experience from both the principal and contractor perspectives.

We understand that your projects not only have normal project risks but also significant challenges distinct to our industry. We have a wealth of expertise at Edison that provides a low risk solution to managing complex technical issues. With a methodology designed to accentuate the skills and knowledge of our pool of consulting resources, we contribute to a successful and well managed project through all its phases.

With little margin for error in the installation and operation of assets in the electricityindustry, quality installations can only result from carefully managed planning and attention to detail. Our professional team are industry experts applying years of know-how to each and every project they undertake blending out of the box thinking with practical solutions.

We believe Health and Safety is first and foremost with safety managers who work hand in hand with our partners to deliver our safety-first culture to the work site.

Our practices ensure projects are closely monitored against costs, delivered to time and quality controlled.

Service Summary:

As independent specialist project managers operating in the energy sector, we provide a service that responds to the commercial imperatives of our client with tailored solutions throughout the life-cycle of a project. 


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